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I have a dream, since I've been doing this job, and I do it with passion, my desire is to give my guests an experience to live, not a meal to eat, but a small parenthesis in their day, which can lead them to feel good, to have a moment in which everything I've learned on my path, I dedicate it to them. I would like to create a 'sensory experience made of scents flavours and beauty, give them a small art gallery, to see and enjoy with a different and new formula that makes them feel at the centre of the world, for a small but unforgettable part of their lives.

Come to my house, the true Italian tradition, just for you.

Nella Casa dello Chef is a project aimed at creating a startup for the creation of a chain of Italian restaurants with just one table, in an exclusive location, with various levels of interactivity with the customer.


The project

The aim is to create, in cities that are notoriously fashionable and cosmopolitan, exclusive one-table home restaurants, with a maximum number of 6/8 guests, so as to be able to offer an exclusive service that is customised to the needs of the guest and his diners.


The name Nella Casa dello Chef (In the Chef's House) is indicative and illustrates in the best possible way the characteristics, House because the location is actually a home, of the Chef, and because it is actually the home of the chef who manages the location, i.e. the owner of the house.



Ideal cities have been identified for the start-up, the first being Moscow, followed by Geneva and Milan, and then the project can be developed in Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna, Amsterdam, London, Brussels, Stockholm and certainly in many other cosmopolitan European cities.

The project will then expand to the rest of the world, where true Italian cuisine is recognised and honoured.



For the choice of location, understood as the physical base, apartments have been identified in elegant areas, possibly in architecturally "modern" / "current" buildings, located on high and/or panoramic floors with the possibility of an interesting view of the city, so as to create a further emotional experience, in a relaxing, luxurious environment, but at the same time recalling the domestic tranquillity and intimacy of home.

This solution, in addition to being exclusive, also reduces management costs, as the structure also provides space for staff accommodation, as well as significant overall savings on logistics, but even more so on staff availability throughout the day.


The guest, or the client

The guest, as we prefer to call him instead of the trivialised customer, is a person interested in using services for "a select few", a guest therefore who does not have a predefined age range and who can approach the service in both a private and business capacity.

An interested guest looking for Italian gourmet cuisine, for example for an evening for two, for an important business dinner or lunch that requires privacy, or simply a wealthy guest who wants to demonstrate and show off that he can access exclusive services, for which, in addition to spending higher than average amounts, it is necessary to book well in advance, given the small capacity and exclusivity of the proposal also in terms of quality.

Not all guests, of course, will be inclined, due to their nature, to publish their presence and the contents of their experience on social media, thus generating cross-communication to be used to the full in social campaigns.


How we reach our target guest: with a targeted social media campaign based on the brand "A Casa dello Chef", on the gourmet proposal, on the exclusivity of the cuisine and on the fact that it is the real and only Italian cuisine, with real Italian products, cooked with poetry and great technique by a real Italian gourmet chef.



The web booking system is under advanced development and relies on a platform that can be used in all locations, with ad hoc customisation for each one in terms of both language and proposal.

In addition to the web platform, which will manage all the economic transactions with the guest, it will be possible to contact each location remotely in order to examine the proposal in more detail.


The proposal

It is possible to diversify the experience offered on various levels, from a simple dinner with a choice of 4 to 9-course tasting menus and matching wines, to an experience based on a personalised menu agreed with the client, to special scheduled events, with particular attention to food allergies and intolerances or constraints dictated by religious aspects (Muslims, Hebrews, etc.), and why not an interactive experience involving a masterclass, with the participation of the guest or all the guests in the preparation of the dinner, with the chef interacting and illustrating recipes and preparations. ), and why not an interactive experience that includes a masterclass, with the participation of the guest or all the guests in the preparation of the dinner, with the chef interacting and illustrating the recipes and preparations.


The basic menu is based on Italian cuisine in a gourmet version, it follows the seasons and is updated every 2 months. The raw materials used are of high quality, strictly Italian origin, prepared, managed and cooked using modern technologies (vacuum, blast chilling, low temperatures), so as to preserve the organoleptic characteristics, with an eye to costs.

Price policy

The price policy or price list has been developed with a view to building customer loyalty and allowing the customer to customise the services they request from the establishment.

Since this is a single table, with a number of seats varying from 1 to 6/8, it is necessary to insert a "table" fee that can be divided among the guests.


The table fee is € 50

The menu proposal and price vary according to the number of courses:

4 courses € 50

6 courses € 70

9 courses € 100

Water included, wine not included.

At the time of booking, payment of 50% of the amount will be required, with the balance due at the end of the service.



The staff of the typical location is composed of only two men, of a high professional level, an Italian gourmet chef who manages the shopping and preparation, and a young maître who can also act as sommelier for table service, with knowledge of Italian cuisine and who has a perfect knowledge of both Italian and English and/or the local language.



The service will be informal, riding the wave of the new concept Michelin starred restaurants, without the aid of important table linen, but with a mise en place, cared for and youthful, which can help to enhance the fresh and impactful dishes.

The simplicity will allow us to vary the entire mise en place several times a year, adapting it to the gastronomic proposals of the moment, remembering that the maximum number of guests will be 6/8 at a time.


Additional services

The structure's layout will allow us to offer our clients personal cooking courses and master classes, increasing the possibility of business and profitability.

The possibility of interaction on the part of the guest means more opportunities for further visits, even with different diners.



Last but not least, the situation we are experiencing at a global level leads people to avoid crowded places, and being able to have a real restaurant all to yourself is an interesting lever for that segment of clientele that today has to be content with delivery, perhaps even Michelin starred.



Location 0

Location 0 is already operational in Moscow, at ......

The project has come to life and .... it is worth a try.

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